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Our primary goal at Hummer's Country Shoppe is to make "primitive" and "country" pine furniture affordable prices and to serve our customers in the best and most timely manner possible. Our furniture line is individually crafted with extreme attention given to a naturally aged and worn looking finish. Some are natural and some intentional. These inconsistencies are characteristics of the furniture and in no way damages the strength or stability of the furniture itself, yet helps to create the warmth and look of old wood. Due to this and the antique nature of the furniture, there may be a slight variance in color of paint and shades of stain. Each piece is different and unique in its own way and that's the way we like it. Please take some time to look around at my furniture and if you don't see what you are looking for please call me at 717-264-2556/email at

Thank you and please browse my slideshow of furniture.

God Bless.

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my blog for new items weekly.

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