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Saw Buck Table

I just wanted to try a new style of table which is called a Saw Buck Table. I did it in black over a color called Cardboard and I lightly distressed it. The table measures 72"W 32"D and 30"H. To set it off I made Saw Buck Benches to match. The benches measure 48"W 14"D and 19"H. You can also put chairs at this table if you do not like the benches so it can do double duty as well. I hope you like it. This can be seen at Rocky Ridge.

Tv Cabinet / Hutch Top

I just made a TV Cabinet for Primitive Thyme. This is one of my bigger ones. It is finished in Black over Cardboard colors. Then it was finished in a medium distressing. The base cabinet measure 48"W  18" D and 28"H. The hutch is a separate piece that sits on top of the base. Hutch measures 52"W  18"D and 44"H. The top has a bi-fold door and has bead board which really sets off the piece. It has locking hinges that lock open and lock when closed. Since it is a two piece it is easy to haul for that person that wants to purchase it. So stop in and check it out. Again at Primitive Thyme 15603C National Pike, Hagerstown, MD. 

Tv. Cabinets

I just set up two TV Cabinets at Rocky Ridge. They are both black with a distressed finish. The two glass doors with drawers on the left side of the picture measures
48"W 18"D 35"H. The one on the right measure 44"W 18"D and 27"H. They both have adjustable shelves inside. The one on the left would also work as a buffet cabinet if this is what you wanted also. Thank you for reading my post. Need anything made give me a call or email me. Thank You Glen Hummer

Coffee Table / Side Table

I just finished up another coffee table and side table. The color is called Play Hooky which I had done one before and sold very quickly. So just to say there are clients out there that do like different colors that they are looking for. So when you order something you can have any color you want, just remember it is your choice to pick, whether it be bold or more down to earth colors as long as your are happy, this is the goal. Thanks for reading. 

Cabinet Refinished

I just refinished a cabinet for a client. I cleaned and sanded this piece really good. This one had to  have the glass doors taped up because I could of broken the glass trying to remove it, which was a rare glass that you cannot hardly find anymore.  So better safe than sorry I taped it all up. Then I used Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond for a good base coat first, then I painted it black. The client seen a color I had which was called cardboard color and they fell in love with this. This cabinet is lightly distressed. They are going to use in their bathroom. They were very well pleased. It truly makes me feel good when I have a client that is happy and it turned out exactly what they wanted. Hope you enjoy the pictures. 

Cabinet Makeover

       I would just like to show you a very large pantry cabinet that I refinished for a client. What I did was cleaned and sanded it down really good Then I painted it with Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond. This is a good product if you need a good adhesion when you are doing projects like this. I painted it black and distressed it. It turned out really good and most of all the client was satisfied. 

Jelly Cabinet / 3 Doors

I just finished up a 3 door jelly cabinet for a client. This one measures 72"h 16"d 44"w. It was done in a two color paint. The whole cabinet was painted in a color called universal umber,then the outside was cream in my coffee. It was lightly distressed.The jelly cabinet is going in an old carriage house, so I think it will be great fit for their home. 


I just wanted to show you the a room that I did for a client. On both sides of the fireplace I made these two bookshelves that fit perfectly and it looks like they were always there. I built them to look that way. My Clients were more than happy with the results. If you yourself need something custom built, just give me a call or email me. Thank you for having an interest in my post. 

Special Orders

I just finished up some special orders for Primitive Thyme. I did a King size bed that was done in black and then lightly distressed. I also did a TV Cabinet on the left side of the picture that has bi-fold doors that open up and it makes it so nice when you are not watching TV and just close the doors. This was finished in a color called Cardboard over Black. I distressed it bringing the black to come through. It really turned out great and the customer was very happy with the end product.The white spindle bed is a twin size which is done in cream in my coffee over black.

Coffee Tables

I just took three coffee tables to Rocky Ridge. They all have three drawers. The one on the left  at the bottom is black and the one on the top is willow green. These two measure 56"W 19"D 19"H. The center one is cream in my coffee over black. This one measures 56"W  17"D and 19"H. They have the old barn wood top on the black one and the cream in my coffee one. The willow green has a distressed top finish not barn wood. Come by and check them out, they would look great in your home.

Tv Cabinet w/Hutch Top

I just recently set up a TV Cabinet with a Hutch Top at Rocky Ridge. I did this one with two bead board doors and a four pane center glass door. It has adjustable shelves in the center door. The color is cream in my coffee over black, then lightly distressed. The base cabinet measure 52"W  18"D  27"H. The hutch top measures 54"W 14"D and 36" H.
The opening is 46"W  33"H. So a 42" TV will fit nicely inside of the cabinet. Go take a look at it if you get to Rocky Ridge. 

Special Orders

This is just to show of some of my special orders for clients. The piece on the left is a 2 glass doors and glass sides with bun feet. The wall unit above it is ideal for those accessories with two shelves and three drawers. The center piece is TV Cabinet with a hutch top. It can hold a 42 inch TV. The last item for my client they already had the book cases, what I did I added the bridge to give more architectural look for them. The Cabinet is a 65" wide for the TV. 

Hutch Cabinet

This is a piece I just recently set up at Rocky Ridge. I did this particular piece in sage green over black. The cabinet is a 2 piece. The over all size is 74"H 44"W and 18"D. The hutch top has adjustable shelves which is always a plus. Three drawers are in the middle for those things you want to store out of the way. The base has a two plank panel doors. The knob and pulls are in a bronze finish which sets off the piece. This would be a good cabinet for your kitchen or may even in your library. Thank you for looking. 

Make over pieces

These pieces are make over's that turned out absolutely beautiful. For those that still like the old pieces but done over these are for you. The dresser on the left is done in cream in my coffee over black. The middle dresser is done in black over red. The side stand is done in french gray over black. The end piece is really a nice retro piece, so if you are looking for this style, go to Rocky Ridge this is where it is at. 
Hope you like the make overs. 


I have just recently set up some new furniture at Rocky Ridge and they sold very quickly. The TV Cabinet on the left is a great piece. The middle picture is table with and extension which is pretty neat when you have company over. The bench is done with an old barn wood top which is always one of a kind. The last item is a desk and chair for your child at school or anywhere in your home. I hope you like them. Everything sold except for the farm table. Stop by and take a look. 
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